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Just talk, hang out, and have fun. This is not just about one subject it is about hundreds maybe millions of different things to talk about
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2007 6:00 am

1. No Spamming
Spamming is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages

2. No bullying
plz do not be mean to our members

3. No sexual talk
plz do not do this

4. No swearing
putting stars counts as swearing (ex. *****)

5. No asking to be a Mod or an Admin
asking will led to not being a mod or even being banned
I have been having problems with this rule so if anyone askes me again that person will have a perma banned (perma means permanite witch means forever)
6. No advertising
If you just finished making your own forum you may PM it to your friends but not to random ppl
look here about advertising in your sig http://randomjunkwilleatyou.forumotion.com/rules-f1/avertising-in-you-signiture-t90.htm

7. Respect others and the forum

8. I am the only on that can make contest

9. Try not to bump post that are over 3 months old. If they are really old I will delete them

10. Please do not post more than 10 post a day in the spm topic

Note about rule # 5: To be an admin I have to ether know you from school, etc or i have to trust you and you have to be very responsable. You have to have been on this forum for about 5 months and must have 500 or more post!

To be a mod i have to trust you that you will not mess up the forum and you have to have been on this forum for about 3 months. You have to have at least 300 post!

Banning :

1 bad post = 1 warning
2 bad post = A 2nd Warning
3 bad post = banning for 1 day
4 bad post = banning for 3 days
5 bad post = banning for 1 week
6 bad post = banning for 1 month
7 bad post = banned for ever

Points system:

if you get a point, you have broken a rule and are closer to being banned:
1-2 points: Be careful on what you do
3 points: banned temporarily
4 points: banned even longer
5 points: last chance to be good
6 points: banned for ever
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